Early Years


Children in our Early Years Foundation Stage learn best by doing, i.e. through active participation in an environment where they are safe and secure and where their individual needs are catered for. Children do not make a distinction between ‘play’ and ‘work’ and neither should practitioners. Children need time to be engrossed, work in depth and complete activities.


Early Years at Laycock Primary aims to provide a curriculum which is carefully structured and integrated:
• Provision for the different starting points from which children develop their learning, building upon what they can do, valuing learning through play and first hand experience
• Children are encouraged to be independent and autonomous in their learning.
• Children think in a positive way about themselves so that they feel respected as individuals, whose culture and language are valued
• Parents and practitioners work together to provide a secure link between home and school
• Ensure that all children have high quality learning experiences.
• Consider children’s interest, previous experience and needs when planning for their learning.

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