KS1 Home Learning Challenge

Summer Term 2017

Complete any of the 5 Challenges below and earn tickets to be put in the draw for an amazing prize at the end of the term!

Tickets will be awarded to students based on the amount of effort put in to each challenge!

Once you complete a challenge bring it in to school to show the rest of your class!

Science Challenge – Choose three different habitats to research. For each habitat you need to find an animal and plant that has adapted to that environment and explain how it has done this.
You can decide how you wish to present this information, e.g. models, zigzag books, posters, leaflets, PowerPoint presentations, information book.

Writing Challenge – Choose and draw a picture of a fairy tale character. Write down reasons why it is a good or bad character and use lots of examples to support your reasons.

Maths Challenge – Make a game which involves adding numbers up to 10.
First choose what sort of game it will be; will it be a card game or a board game? Then if it’s a board game what will the track board look like? Does it have a theme? e.g. the game could have pictures on of characters from a story or could link to your class topic. The cards could have pictures on them too. Next decide how to play. You’ll need to know what equipment you need (dice, counters, cards) How many people can play? You will
need to write down a set of instructions on how to play the game and also give it a go at home to see if you need to make any changes.

Reading Challenge – Read 1 non-fiction and  1 fiction book and write a book review based on each. You can find some examples of book reviews online and decide how you wish to present your information.

Arts Challenge – Show your artistic side! Create your own art project through dance, song, poetry, painting, modelling, photography, music, etc. you can present it by video, recording, performance, presentation… you choose! The only rule is to be creative!