KS2 (upper) Home Learning Challenge

Autumn Term 2017 and Spring Term (first half) 2018

Complete any of the 4 Challenges below and earn tickets to be put in the draw for an amazing prize at the end of the term!

Tickets will be awarded to students based on the amount of effort put in to each challenge!

Once you complete a challenge bring it in to school to show the rest of your class!

Science Challenge –Make an interactive poster on what you have learnt in Science this half term. Make sure it has questions and interesting investigations! You can decide how you wish to present this information, e.g. models, zigzag books, posters, leaflets, PowerPoint presentations, information book.

Writing Challenge – Write a detailed diary entry for 5 days based on your Power of Reading book choice for this half term. Imagine you are one of the characters. Include the correct features of diary. Don’t forget to add your emotions!

Maths Challenge – Create a maths resource to help with addition and subtraction. think about what we use in class- numicon, diennes, cubes and number squares. What could you create?

Reading Challenge – Read 2 books of your choice and re-design the front cover and rewrite the blurb. You can find some examples of online and decide how you wish to present your information.