All children have a common entitlement to a broad balanced and enriched curriculum.

All pupils at Laycock Primary School have access through a variety of resources. Adapted plans for both more and less able pupils are vital in ensuring all pupils make progress and all pupils have challenging next steps.

We respond to pupils’ diverse learning needs, and enable more suitable learning challenges to be set for all. Some pupils experience barriers to learning as a result of their disability, heritage, gender, special educational need, ethnicity, social group, race or culture.

These barriers to learning are recognised and support given to ensure all pupils are engaged and confident learners.

Pupils are confident using our ‘learning language’ to discuss their learning, and how to discover the next step. We are committed to building Learning Power at all levels.

Pupils who have individual educational needs such as learning, speech and language or physical difficulties, will be monitored and supported. Pupils together with their parents or carers are kept informed and next steps reviewed to ensure progress towards set targets.

Support Staff support learning at various points within the day.  This enables learners of all abilities to make maximum learning gains in every lesson. Support staff and Higher Level Teaching Assistants lead targeted support groups for pupils who have difficulty accessing the learning.