Laycock School is committed to teaching and supporting all children to speak, read and write the English language. Confidence in literacy unlocks all other areas of the school’s curriculum and enables children to thrive. Parents and carers have a very important part to play in encouraging and enabling their children to read books, practise their writing and comprehension skills and speak as well as listen.

Children are encouraged to write in English, spell well and use punctuation and grammar accurately in line with the new National Curriculum. Within lessons, teachers and support staff encourage children to check, edit and re-draft their own and each other’s work. Children’s work is displayed regularly, celebrating the improvements they have made and the excitement they experience through stories, poems and topics.

The school-wide focus on ‘Power of Reading’ ensures that every class studies one high quality book in detail each term helped by drama and role-play activities. Children are encouraged to take on different characters, make props and play different parts. Our fun and creative approach ensures children understand and think about the story, speak and write about their thoughts and share their ideas and experiences. We also encourage local authors and visitors to come in regularly to share their experiences and ideas first hand with the children.


We encourage children to read in and out-of-school and talk about books they have read. Weekly guided reading and individual reading programmes further enhance children’s skills and confidence. Our topic-based, spacious book corners in every classroom provide a welcome and relaxing area for children to enjoy their reading and be excited about books!