“You want to know how to rhyme, then learn how to add. It’s mathematics.” Mos Def

Numeracy at Laycock starts in Nursery. It aims at making children number literate and focuses heavily on Number and Calculations.

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Laycock Primary School has invested in a program to enhance engagement in mathematics. Mathletics is an engaging online platform for improving and maths skills. Mathletics is designed to inspire children to learn and the confidence to succeed!

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Getting Ready for the National Tests.

Useful Numeracy Websites

A Maths Dictionary For Kids  Maths dictionary which is child friendly.
Primary Resources
NRICH  Challenging maths puzzles/games for more able children.
Puzzle Maker  A useful website to use to create puzzles using words of your choice.
Woodlands Junior  Great maths games for children.
Maths Nets  Interactive games to use on the Smart board.
Numeracy World  Worksheets that can be printed to use in class.
Primary Worksheets  Some useful maths games (evaluation copy only).
Coxhoe  Key Stage 1 and 2 games for the interactive whiteboard.

Early Years, KS 1 and KS2 Literacy and Numeracy Activities
Primary Games  Maths games for KS1/KS2.
Cool Math  (coolmaths – American site for children)
Fun Brain  (activities for children)  (teacher resources)
Thinks  Maths and Art ‘fun’
Incompetech  A great site where you can print off graph paper to your own specifications.
The Math Worksheet Site  Creates worksheets for different abilities.
Illuminations  Use counting strategies to make as many outfits for Bobbie Bear as you can, using different coloured shirts and pants. (Great for Foundation and KS1).
Illuminations  Guide a turtle to a pond using coloured commands.