Provision for Deaf Children

Laycock Primary School is a two form entry mainstream primary school with 420 children which includes a provision for 68 deaf children.

Our approach to teaching is auditory/oral. The children use spoken English to communicate and make maximum use of their hearing to access spoken language.  All of our hearing impaired classes are sound proofed to minimise background noise.  Children wear radio aids while the class teachers wear microphones.  Our mainstream classes and halls also have suspended ceiling panels to reduce background noise.

We use a sound field system for assemblies to ensure that all children have equal opportunity to the auditory experience as well as the visual.

We are fortunate enough to have a hearing impaired class for each year level from nursery up to year 6. The Teachers of the Deaf plan each week with their mainstream colleagues.  This is to ensure that all children cover the same topics and receive a balanced curriculum.  The teachers also plan programmes of inclusion for individuals and groups of children.   They are included into classes for art, PE, music and additional subjects according to their individual needs.

Deaf children follow the same curriculum as all children but language development is supported by visual cues, photos, video clips, animations, story props and targeted vocabulary.

All our classes have a Teaching Assistant (TA) to help meet the needs of every child.  We have a team of Speech and Language Therapists who work with individual children supporting their specific language needs and also provide group therapy for every class which is planned and taught jointly with the class teacher.

We also have onsite physiotherapists and occupational therapists to support the physical needs of children who require ongoing support.

We use a number of support agencies such as SENSE, Educational Psychologists, CENMAC, CAMHS to advise and provide guidance to teachers.