Speech and Language Therapists


Speech & Language Therapy      Newsletter Christmas 2016

We provide individual and group therapy as appropriate, based on assessment findings and discussion with the class teacher.We meet regularly with class teachers and support staff to plan and discuss therapy.

We assess each child’s communication and write a speech and language therapy report for the annual review.

We contribute to each child’s individually education plan and statement of special educational needs.

We provide training related to communication to school staff.

We liaise with relevant professionals e.g. Psychologists, Occupational Therapists,  Physiotherapists, Audiology Clinics and Cochlear Implant Teams.

We welcome parents to be involved in their child’s therapy and to work       together with therapists to develop communication at home. We use the home-school book to tell parents about what we are doing in therapy and what parents can do at home to support their child to achieve their speech and language therapy targets.

We do coffee mornings to provide specific training on how to support their children’s communication at home.

Therapy will be offered dependent on children’s needs. Blocks of therapy may consist of:

Video parent-child interaction therapy.

Direct individual / small group  therapy.

Whole class group therapy.

Deaf awareness groups within the mainstream classroom.

Classroom support.

Playground support.

Setting up programmes for school staff to carry out.

Monitoring and advice.

We will set targets for your child which may include supporting:

Attention and listening.

Language and communication.

Speech and voice.

Deaf awareness

Social communication.